About Us

about us

Amway is the one of the world famous business. this business started is 1959 U.S.A. And today this business has become popular in the world. Today’s Amway turnover has gone to 75 thousand crores across the world. And the turnover of this in India is 2500 crores. The product is made in Amway Five Categories.

Home Care:- In this categories, we use the products we use at home.

Personal Care:- In personal care, all the products come in handy which we use for our own body.

Beauty:- The whole product to make the body beautiful, comes in this category.

Nutrilite:- Nutralite World’s number one brand is available in this category to get all the health products.

Farming (Kheti):- The farming product is made of Amway which is for spray.

Knowledge of all these products will be given to you on behalf of the Amway.

Amway Background

(1):- 1000 Arandi labs search for all product.

(2):- 700 Bigha Zameen

(3):- Best scientist of NASA

(4):- 150 Plus Product in India

(5):- 1000 Plus Patent Formula one patent= One crore

(6):- World Famous Nutrilite product protect your health always young

(7):- American Company 60 years old